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<em>The Way</em>

The Way

There’s a certain emotion that you feel in the air of Santiago as you wander through its ancient streets. You sense it in the conversations of the people passing by, and in their faces and gestures. You see it in the groups of friends sharing a table in a restaurant, or having a drink in an outdoor café. And that feeling can only be described as elation.

In fact, maybe you will be feeling it yourself as you also walk, somewhat tiredly, around the town. For it is the common bond that joins all the people of all ages and nationalities who have finally and proudly completed their Camino, becoming part of a thousand-year-old tradition of crossing Europe on foot to make the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and its famous Cathedral.


No matter that you’ve only walked the minimum 100 kilometres that qualify you to receive the Compostela or certificado issued by the pilgrim office in Santiago or that you’ve trudged hundreds more from any of the many points where people begin their walk, you all share the same sense of satisfaction and euphoria that one feels on completing this quest. And our personal challenge is to ensure that your stay at Inferniño will always be a fitting end to such a significant and unique experience.