Inferniño Apartments open their doors with more guarantees and the same quality

Inferniño Apartments open their doors with more guarantees and the same quality

The Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet, but less-affected regions are gradually getting back to work. Although we do not want to forget those that have died, we realise that life must go on. Our tourist apartments are opening their doors again, with the maximum health guarantees and the same quality that we are renowned for: an intimate, top-quality space that has now been adapted to new demands in order to provide the same personalised service.

Our tourist apartments offer you personalised accommodation adapted to the new situation caused by Covid-19.

Intimacy and personal space

Inferniño Apartments offer their clients their own space in an idyllic setting. Each of our residents has a personal space that is independent from the other guests staying in our apartments.

Guaranteed social distancing

One of the key factors in flattening the curve and guaranteeing personal safety in our societies is observing social distancing. Our tourist apartments enable such thanks to code-activated access, which enables you to pick up the keys to your apartment. Our clients do not need to check in at the reception desk; Inferniño apartments have an outdoor keypad to provide remote access for newly arrived clients.

Tranquillity and urban nature

If there is one thing that we have learned during our obligatory confinement, it is the value of nature and appreciation for our own tranquillity. If is often the case that we just need peaceful natural surroundings in order to reconnect with the better version of ourselves. Our tourist apartments offer you a summer garden in which the only distractions are birds singing and the sound of water.

Avoid crowds: your rest is the important thing

The new world in which we now have to live requires some changes: crowded summer spots will become a distant memory. Inferniño Apartments offer you a space for yourself, in which your rest is the most important thing. You can enjoy Santiago de Compostela’s old town, its parks or a trip to the coast or the countryside, at your own pace and in harmony with your own preferences.

Santiago’s central location for exploring Galicia

Our tourist apartments are in the centre, right beside Praza do Obradoiro, which, at the same time, is the heart of Galicia. This is possibly the best starting point in order to explore the region. Nearly everything is within an hour of Inferniño: from the wild poetry of Costa da Morte, passing through the small secluded paradises in the Galician countryside, to the garden of wine and seafood that grows in Rías Baixas. Inferniño Apartments is there for resting and for planning.

Park your car and relax

This new situation can make airports less attractive and get us back on the road. If you prefer coming to visit us in your own car, we have great news: you can park nearby in a monitored car park for 10 euros per day, with the possibility of dropping off or picking up your suitcases at our front door.

Less is a lot more

Traditional summer and holiday resorts are at an impasse. Our tourist apartments continue offering you an exclusive service, because our goal is providing the best to those looking for it. We have a limited number of beds, so you will never come across crowds in any of our apartments.

After such a long time, we are looking forward to seeing you again in our tourist apartments. We are doing everything we can so that you will come and visit us as soon as possible.

The maximum care and hygiene

Another custom that is here to stay: increased safety and hygiene requirements. And the previous standards were already high. Our tourist apartments are taking extra care in the case of safety and hygiene, both for our employees and for you. We have established prevention protocols with our clients and workers, and we provide all the necessary hygiene and prevention products: gels, gloves and masks for our clients: we disinfect our apartments with hypochlorite before new guests arrive, and we disinfect everyday spaces and objects on a daily basis. The sheets and towels in your apartment are sealed in plastic and we always remove mats and headboards. And a lot more.