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It’s hard to be closer to the imposing spiritual centre of Santiago de Compostela.

Located right in the centre of Santiago de Compostela, the capital of the Spanish region of Galicia, Inferniño gives amazing views of the imposing presence of the Cathedral of Santiago and privileged access into the culture and history that fills all corners of the town. In fact, the street it is on runs down from the Obradoiro square, and –living proof that heaven and hell are never too far apart– this was the path traditionally taken by the less pious of travellers on their way to the more salubrious parts of Santiago many years ago.


Originally the name of the street, Inferniño –the little hell– is a gentle dig at this past, as well as to our location, figuratively below the Cathedral. However, today what really awaits you is quite the opposite: a little haven for travellers amidst the imposing buildings and narrow streets of Santiago’s old town.

From the apartments you can almost hear the creak of the rope as it swings the Cathedral’s massive Botafumiero or thurible in a 65 metre arc, spreading the scent of incense throughout the transept. And if you look out into the square you’ll see the endless trickle of pilgrims doggedly completing hundreds of kilometres of the Camino de Santiago. Or maybe you’ll relive your own arrival as you now enjoy a well-deserved rest in the best of surroundings.

Many are unaware that Santiago de Compostela, some 60 km away from mainland Europe’s westernmost point in Spain, was conceived as the third main centre of Christianity after Jerusalem and Rome, forming a spiritual triangle that encompassed the medieval world and creating the three major poles of pilgrimage that have inspired the faithful over centuries.

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